What is cupping therapy used for?

Cupping therapy is a form of treatment where suction is used on specific pressure points on the body to remove obstructions in the body’s natural healing energies. In this way, cupping therapy can be used to cure many ailments, the most ancient of them being pulmonary tuberculosis. It can also be used to treat skin, blood, respiratory, back pain, nerve conditions and many more.

Is cupping painful?

In the hands of an expert therapist, cupping is not painful and most patients are likely to experience only a slight pinching sensation. However, patients opting for wet therapy could feel a little pain when the therapist makes tiny cuts on the skin to allow the elimination of toxic blood and fluids from the body. 

Why does cupping therapy cause bruising?

The circular bruising seen on the backs of cupping patients are the outcome of the suction created by the cups bringing blood to the surface of the skin. These are normal and are rarely painful.

Does Cupping therapy work?

Does Cupping therapy work?Quite simply yes! As the main form of treatment in the East for thousands of years, it could not have continued for so long if it did not work.

There is much evidence that demonstrates that effectiveness of Cupping in treating certain conditions, eg back pain, knee pain, asthma, sinusitis (the list goes on). We highly recommend for you to try one session to feel the immediate results of cupping. We are sure that you will feel an improvement.

Why Cupping Therapy?

Cupping can wake up the body and encourage it to heal itself by reactivating a dormant immune system. Cupping can also remove the harmful toxins by removing small amounts of blood. Other treatments like medicines, homeopathy, and physiotherapy often have limitations, side effects or are simply ineffective in certain individuals. Cupping offers an effective and immediate treatment option for patients suffering with pain and other conditions too. For certain problems, one short session can provide a long lasting cure for other conditions regular cupping can keep symptoms at bay and result in a real improved quality of life.

Do you re-use the cups and blades ?

No.  We use the cups and blades once only and then dispose of them using a UK-registered Clinical Waste Contractor.